Deliverco is an on-demand delivery service. Service is provided to orders created via the application. 

Scheduled deliveries are also possible but must be made using one of the support contacts. 

Download the application for your respective device here.

Take a read at our Privacy Policy  and our Terms of Service.

If you agree you can proceed to create an account.

Create your order in the application.

The application generates your delivery cost and automatically uses the location you used to create the order as the drop off location (This can be changed)
Costs are determined based on how far away you are from the pickup location.

You are able to track your order in real-time, communicate with your Runner via an in app chat or call if either of you have the sufficient credit to do so.

A profile photo was not found for that account. Please note a profile photo is required to use the service. Upload a profile photo and you will have full access to the application.

Profile Photo Requirements:

  • Must clearly depict the account holder
  • Passport sized and/or focuses on the user’s face.

If you do not upload a profile picture you will not be allowed to proceed.

An account name is required to use this application.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the username provided is accurate. 

1 character firstname/lastnames are not allowed, for example “Deliverco E” . A minimum of 3 characters for each respective field is required before “continue” can appear to allow the user to proceed.

Deliverco accepts debit/credit-card payments through payswif

To enable Payswif payments:

  1. Select Settings 
  2. Under Payment select Payswif 
  3. Once your order is accepted, slide to pay the delivery fee.

Note: As of version 3.0.21, if you ordered from a store that is not partnered,  you must provide an additional payment for the items separately. 

Runners currently operate when they have free time, Deliverco has no full time Runners as of March 8th 2021.

If the application generates “Sorry there are no Runners Online” message after attempting to place your order, then no Runners are currently available to complete your order. 

The application will send a push notification stating your order was accepted and by whom. 

If you do not have push notifications enabled, the Map will display a tracking screen with the following: 

  1. Your order’s current status 
  2. Information about the  current Runner completing the order such as, name, a picture of their vehicle and the ability to call or message.
  3. The ability to track your order in real-time